The NFL kicks off Sunday in HD on the NFL Network

It seems like so long ago that we got to enjoy an HD football game and the wait is almost over. Sure it's only pre-season, but at this point in the year, we'll take whatever football we can get. Plus, in another month the regular season gets underway and it promises to be the best season yet for HD fans. The Hall of Fame game kicks off the season on the NFL Network in HD, which is the first of nine live games carried by them this year. As great as the NFL Network is, the real problem is that many people don't get it, 'cause their cable co' can't get the deal done -- just another reason for NFL fans to switch to DirecTV. Unfortunatly not all the NFL games will be presented in HD this year, so if you want to see which games will be, head over to to find out who the lucky ones are.