Daikatana to bless GameTap on September 6th

Long before the shame of Red Steel and well beyond the absurdity of Advent Rising, there existed only Daikatana. A game so dreadfully awful that the mere mention of it can be considered the setup and the punchline. Should you not be fortunate enough (yes, fortunate) to have experienced this godless monster of taint, GameTap will be offering it up to subscribers come September 6th.

We knew their deal with Eidos was too good to be true and we can only imagine the stipulations of having franchises like Tomb Raider, Hitman and Thief on the GameTap service. A contract -- weaved with the legendary locks of John Romero's lost mane and signed in blood harvested from the liver of a newborn child -- one that demanded Daikatana live once more.

In the name of Superfly Johnson, amen.

[Thanks, Johnny Bloom!]