Apple updates .Mac

Apple unveiled an update to its .Mac package of subscription online apps today. Most notably, .Mac now integrates with the just-announced iPhoto '08, offering synchronization between iPhoto and a web-based online gallery viewable "in any browser you like" (we should certainly hope so!). Oh, and it integrates with the iPhone, too, via a new "Send to Web Gallery" feature on the phone that -- you guessed it -- will upload pics snapped with the handset straight to your online gallery. The synchronization is two-way, meaning that other folks can upload pics straight to your gallery and they'll sync with the iPhone as well. Videos don't get left out of the equation, either; Web Galleries and the iPhone will both support 'em. Think you'll need more capacity to handle video, though? No worries -- the service now includes 10GB of storage with 100GB of monthly transfer (2.5GB / 25GB for family pack sub-accounts), which'll be available "within a week" according to Apple, with optional upgrades of 10GB and 20GB on deck. Price stays the same: $99.95 per year.