Lenovo, Acer reportedly sizing up Packard Bell

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Donald Melanson
August 7, 2007 7:35 PM
Lenovo, Acer reportedly sizing up Packard Bell
Packard Bell may not have the most illustrious of histories, but that hasn't stopped the company from attracting a number of potential suitors over the years. Now it seems that two more companies are eying the old school brand, although both seem to be far from a done deal. The first, and apparently further along of the two, is Lenovo, which has announced that it's entered a "Memorandum of Understanding" with an unnamed "independent third party" to purchase the PC maker. According to Reuters, Lenovo would use Packard Bell to give a boost to its European business. The other company in the mix is Acer which, as Reuters reports, said in April that it was planning to buy a PC company in three to five months. Recent speculation, however, has pegged Packard Bell as Acer's target, although it has yet to get as official as Lenovo with its intent.

- Reuters, "PC makers Lenovo, Acer eyeing Packard Bell: report"
Read - Press release, "Lenovo Announces Memorandum of Understanding to Acquire Packard Bell"
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