Nintendo patent application reveals plans for motion-sensing handheld

Nintendo's already dipped its toes into motion-sensing handheld gaming with the gyro-equipped WarioWare: Twisted for the Game Boy Advance, but it looks like the company looks has even grander plans to let you make a fool of yourself in public, at least if a recent patent application is any indication. According to it, Nintendo has a new "game system" on the drawing board that incorporates acceleration sensors in a "housing" to detect movement and direction. Somewhat curiously, a significant chunk of the patent application has been marked as "cancelled," but the remaining bits do have some interesting details, including what seem to be multiplayer capabilities. In patent speak, that part is described as a " game system structured at least by two game apparatuses," each of which have a means for "transmitting mutually-related data to the game apparatus on the opposite side." Of course, this simply being a patent application it could well turn out to be something entirely less exciting than it seems, if it ever actually comes to fruition at all.

[Via Joystiq]