Xbox 360 Premium confirmed shipping with HDMI

It looks like after all the rumor-mongering and speculation, the bomb is in fact dropping on Xbox 360 Premium hopefuls: the game systems are shipping with HDMI. At least one lucky customer who purchased a Premium system at a Target in Atlanta is currently enjoying the spoils of Microsoft's not-so-secret addition, so hot out of tips and direct to your eyes, we present the first of many you'll be seeing with the much-discussed, built-in HDMI port (and obviously perhaps the cooler 65nm chips onboard). You can stop saving and start buying -- as long as your Xbox was built on or around July 4th, a date which will now be remembered for two reasons.

Update - Apparently, there's nothing "obvious" about that 65nm chip situation. Right now it looks like some may have it, and some may not.

[Via Shacknews, thanks Tim]