BenQ cranks out 13 new E Series LCD monitors

We've known major flat-panel manufacturers to loose the farm every now and again, but this time its BenQ's turn to unleash so many LCDs we can hardly speak of them all in this space. The 17-inch E700 / E700A / E700N and 19-inch E900 / E900A / E900N all boast standard 4:3 panels, 800:1 contrast ratios, and 300 cd/m2 brightness levels, and while the "A" models tout only a VGA input, the other two add-in DVI. Also of note, displays rocking an "N" arrive sans speakers, while the others manage to include a set of one-watt stereo drivers. Moving on, the 19-inch E900W / E900WA / E900WN displays all sport similar configurations but pack a widescreen panel and just a 700:1 CR, while the E2000WA sports a 20-inch panel with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. The E2000W ups the ante to 24-inches (at least that's what BenQ claims) of widescreen real estate, while the E2200W / E2200WA monitors include 22-inch screens. Now that you're totally befuddled, why not hit the read link and see the madness in a easy-to-read (albeit still enormous) chart.

[Via PCLaunches, thanks Vinit]