Dish to enable external HDD use with its DVRs, use Ethernet to 'phone home'

Dish Network users (and the ones that are about to be), commence rejoicing. According to MultiChannel, the satellite television provider is readying its "USB External Storage" solution, which will dole out a software update that allows users of the ViP622 HD DVR to attach their own USB hard drive for storing content. Notably, this wonderful luxury will only require a $39.99 "enabling fee," but we've no doubt the hardcore recorders won't mind a bit. Additionally, Dish is also scheduled to finally enable the Ethernet port for users who have wanted to "phone home" via this method, you know, considering you probably ditched your landline four years ago anyway. Reportedly, this will mark the first step in launching the new DishONLINE video-on-demand service, which could be operational next month. In other sat news, the latest DirecTV bird is set to actually make a difference "on or around September 15th," but for those itching to flank their ViP622 up to 750GB of their own storage, you'll be waiting 'til August 15th.