Slingbox Pro with built in component jacks hits the FCC, Krikorian promises HD box for January

The Sling Media family have been quite the busy bees of late. First, the TV-transporting company has just gotten approval on a brand new, unnamed variation of the Slingbox, which forgoes the external Slingbox HD Connect cable used with the Slingbox Pro (that gives you component ins / outs) and instead includes a single set of component hookups right on the box. Additionally, during a Revision3 interview with Blake Krikorian (Sling Media's CEO) the venerable Om Malik managed to get Blake to let loose new about the now-rumored Slingbox HD, which (after some arm-twisting) Krikorian says is coming in "January," though in what year he wouldn't say. Honestly, if it's any later than 2008, it's too late.

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