Apple's 2.4GHz 24-inch aluminum iMac gets benchmarked

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.12.07

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Apple's 2.4GHz 24-inch aluminum iMac gets benchmarked

Although we certainly noticed that Apple's latest iMac felt snappy enough, the folks over at Primate Labs have cranked out a few numbers for the data freaks in the crowd to chew on. Granted, these benchmarks do not include the Core 2 Extreme iMac nor are they the most complete set of tests we've ever seen, but they do seem to give those on the fence a decent look at what level of performance increases they'll be dealing with. Put simply, the new 2.4GHz 24-inch iMac posted "modest gains" across the board compared to the previous iterations that clocked in at 2.33GHz / 2.16GHz, and while the results don't seem earth-shattering, those who rely on "memory-intensive applications (like Aperture or Photoshop)" would likely benefit most from the improved "integer, floating point. and memory / stream performance." As you'd expect, the full skinny on the test results await you in the read link.

[Via AppleInsider]

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