GameTap digs for readers with veteran writer line-up

Harnessing the power of former magazine editors and a well-respected newsman, GameTap quietly launched a "Read" section this week on their website. The section covers reviews, previews, news and features, created by known writers in the industry. This new section represents a clear progression and departure from our GameTap expectations.

The Read section is an obvious progression because we know that GameTap is looking to become an expansive television network-style site. With their subscription service, free service, video programming, and original gaming content coming along quite nicely, it only makes sense for them to start carrying news, previews and reviews.

The departure from our expectations is that we didn't imagine them bringing in veteran "name" writers like Curt Feldman, former news director at CNET Entertainment (Gamespot), and former editors from the deceased Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM). Furthermore, the writing on the site isn't even GameTap related, it's just normal gaming content that you'd find on a Gamespot or IGN (which GameTap also got writers from). We have no idea how many of these writers are full-time, but if many of them are, it seems GameTap is looking to become a full-blown gaming site and not just a virtual console for your PC and Mac.

[Via GameSetWatch]