Disney unloads a barrage of tween-centric consumer electronics

Worried your kids haven't been completely indoctrinated with the Disney universe and its philosophy of watch, buy, and buy? Well fear not, parents, because the cartoon-kingpin has got your back (and your pocketbook). If your tweens have been looking for something to do, and playing stickball just ain't cuttin' the mustard, maybe they need the $99.99 Disney Flix Video Camera (pictured), a tween-targeted digital video camera that comes bundled with Disney Director software, which lets the little rapscallions star in their own Disney movies. The company is also offering LCD TVs, such as the $299.99, 15-inch High School Musical model, which resembles a locker and sports 1024 x 768 resolution (the displays also come in Disney Princess, Hannah Montana, and Pirates of the Caribbean motifs). Additionally, the cartoon-factory is offering docks for use with your iPod, selling for $69.99, which feature alarm clocks and AM/FM tuners, though the Hannah Montana version does double duty as a guitar amp -- presumably to use with your Disney guitar. All the products will be available sometime this Fall, but good luck getting your kids to wait patiently.

[Via StockHouse]