New Xbox 360 bundles rumored, XNA games headed to Xbox live

There's a couple of developments in Xbox land today, one official and one decidedly less so. On the latter front are some rumored new Xbox 360 bundles that French website claims to have caught sight of on a Microsoft marketing site. As you can see above, the bundle (in this case for the Elite model) supposedly includes Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance for "free." A Premium bundle with the same games was also spotted, but there's no indication of one for the Core model. According to Gamick, the only other information about the bundles is that they were labeled as "Holiday Value Bundles." In more official Xbox news, attendees at Microsoft's Gamefest 2007 got a chance to check out Torpex Games' "Schizoid," which is the first Xbox Live Arcade game to be created with XNA Game Studio (it'll be available later this year). What's more, Microsoft also announced that the top four winners of its XNA-centered Dream-Build-Play contest will be able to have their games published on Xbox Live, although there doesn't appear to be any word on exactly when they'll be available.

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