Chintzy LV 2008 handset boasts attachable zoom lens

It's been a tick since we've seen a Chinese handset this obscure, and while the PS3-playing A816 and Surround Sound Phone sure had their moments, this laugher takes things to a whole 'nother platform. The LV 2008 supposedly offers up a 3.5-inch LCD, an array of speakers, multimedia player, voice recorder, Bluetooth, an e-dictionary, and USB connectivity, but the standout "feature" here is the attachable zoom lens. Yep, it looks like we've got a DSLR phone (okay, not really, but you've got to admit it rolls off the tongue) on our hands here folks, and while we're sure that that optical zoom is nice, the paltry 1.3-megapixel sensor just drags the whole package down. But hey, for around $130, why not pick one up just for kicks? More unbelievable pictures after the break.

[Via MobileWhack]