Sprint's mobile WiMAX service called XOHM?

We have information from an anonymous tipster claiming that Sprint is set to take the wraps of their new WiMAX brand dubbed XOHM. It's anybody's guess at this point how you'd pronounce that ("x-ohm" or "zohm" perhaps) but we're told to expect a formal announcement as early as Thursday. The timing is certainly legit what with plans to have the 4G service up and running in select cities "by year-end 2007." We'd expect any new branding to encompass the combined efforts of those Clearwire and Google deals though our source ain't sayin'. Perhaps XOHM was the delayed little secret behind Sprint's "wireless evolution" teaser site which was pulled without explanation before its July 4th pop date. Who knows, but anything that moves us closer to a WiMax-enabled N800 and that "ultra thin" WiMax smartphone from Palm is fine by us.

Update: Bonus:, while rendering a blank page, points to, which also resolves So put that in your pipe and smoke it.