Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics coming to HD DVD and Blu-ray

It seems like the TV calibration wiz, Joe Kane, isn't going to sleep until every HDTV around is properly calibrated. In the past he has produced Video Essentials and then Digital Video Essentials (DVE) but neither one of these calibration discs properly addressed high-def basics. Hence the follow-up HD DVD and Blu-ray release titled DVE: HD Basics. This disc features six essential calibration tests that should only take a few minutes to run but if the consumer wants to dive into the vast world of calibration, the disc also includes many of the same patterns found on the professional DVE release. It would be nice to see retailers throw in this $30 disc when someone buys an HDTV set along with an HD DVD or Blu-ray drive but then they couldn't sell their in-house services. The disc is going to hit store shelves just in time for the holiday season on October 30 and we would like to point out that this disc would be a great gift for anyone receiving a high-def set from Santa this year. Just think, they could set up the HDTV themselves, leaving you, the TV guy to enjoy your holiday eggnog.