Let Engadget trick out your home theater

Ryan Block
R. Block|08.16.07

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Ryan Block
August 16th, 2007
Let Engadget trick out your home theater

We know not everybody has the home theater of their dreams. We know there are some of you out there that shop longingly at your local electronics retailer, dreaming of the day you can dump that crappy rig and get something the neighbors will be envious of -- or hear all the way down the block, anyway. That's where we -- and about five thousand dollars worth of gear -- come in. Let us trick out your home theater.

We want you to send in photos of your janky home theater setup (accompanying video is fine too), and maybe a word or two about what kind of crappy equipment you're still using, and why you think it's time for an upgrade. (Please try to keep it brief.) We'll select the home theater most in need of the Engadget touch, and then hook you up with the following gear:
Yeah, we've got it covered top to bottom: plasma or LCD, HD DVR, PS3 with Blu-ray and HD DVD, programmable remote, 7.1 system, even a placeshifter -- everything you need to bask in HD entertainment.

  • You must be 13 or older to enter, with permission from your parent. No exceptions -- unless you're over 18, then you're allowed to enter without calling mom and dad.
  • Anyone between 13-17 MUST provide your parent's email address in this form so we can notify them of your participation; your parents have the option of opting out by emailing us at the address below.
  • You may only enter this specific contest once. If you enter this contest more than once you'll be automatically disqualified, etc.
  • Entries must be in by 11:59PM EDT, Saturday, September 15th.
  • . Read them, because by making a submission you agree to the terms and conditions therein.
  • Email submissions to contests [at] engadget [dawt] com with the subject "Trick out my home theater!".
Also, big ups to Comcast for sponsoring the contest! We hear this gear should go nicely with a couple of CableCARDS.

Update: We've got a winner -- Congrats, Samuel Goldstein!
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