Canon SD850 IS reviewed

Canon's SD850 IS may not have caused all that much of a stir when it was announced a few months back, but those still trying to make up their mind about it can head over to Photography Blog, which has just put the camera though its usual review process. While they found the SD 850 IS (known as the IXUS 950 IS overseas) to be quite a bit pricier than some of its 8 megapixel competitors, they nonetheless found plenty about it to recommend, including its solid feel and all-metal case and, most importantly, generally great images delivered straight out of the camera. On the downside, they found a bit of noise cropping up when shooting in low light conditions at ISO 200 or above, although even there they found it to perform better than many of its competitors. If that's enough to convince you, you can grab the camera now for an MSRP of $400, or considerably less if you shop around.