In2Games bringing motion sensing to the PS2

Although the battle for next-gen supremacy is in full swing, the best-selling console in the land remains the venerable PS2, so it was only a matter of time before developers tried to cash in on the buzz surrounding Wii by cranking out some motion-sensing titles for Sony's older machine. First up to the plate is In2Games, which will add to its existing motion sensing catalog with the announcement of Realplay Golf, Tennis, Pool, Racing, Bowling, and Puzzlesphere at the Leipzig Games Convention later this month. The $60 games each come with a custom motion sensing controller, enabling players to fill their homes with as many crazy peripherals as possible. We're all for more motion controlled games -- especially if the controllers are as hackable as the SIXAXIS and Wiimote -- but if In2Games really wanted to bring the next-gen experience to the PS2, they'd take out the rumble, no?