Jazzmutant's multitouch tablet works with a stylus as well

The Jazzmutant folks have been doing multitouch since way before it was in vogue, with patents reaching back to 2004 and some nifty tech to back it up. They spend most of their time on the Lemur and Dexter media control surfaces, but they've been playing around with Tablet PCs, and their first prototype is a beauty. The main advantage of the tech is that it not only can handle unlimited points of contact, so you interact with your apps using as many fingers as you'd like, but it can also accept simultaneous Tablet PC pen input, with precision and pressure sensitivity to boot. They've got the tech retrofitted on a 12-inch Fujitsu tablet at the moment, which they showed off last week at the Siggraph Emerging Tech conference in San Diego. Things are a bit bulky at the moment, but hopefully the tech -- which can be scaled from portable devices to 60-inch LCDs without breaking a sweat -- will be finding its way into real tablets before long. The video is after the break.