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Sony's new remotes keep it real simple

Isn't it possible that our remotes have gotten too complex? Do you ever long for a time when a basic control was all you needed to navigate the seas of home entertainment? Well, perhaps Sony is feeling your nostalgic vibe, because the company has just launched a new group of remotes in Japan that definitely harken back to a simpler time. The RM-PZ1FD (above) appears to be Sony's answer to the clutter of your everyday universal behemoth. The model comes in three retro colors, and is strangely waterproof (for those simpler times by the pool). The company is also releasing two other "vertical" models, the RM-PZ1SD and RM-PZ1D, if you're a stickler for single-handed operation. All controls available in Japan in late August for ¥2,468, or about $21.