Amazon leaks specs, delivery, and price for Canon's EOS 40D

Hot damn kiddies. Amazon just posted the specs and delivery for Canon's EOS 40D. Of course, it's not official 'til it's official but Amazon lists a September 20th availability for the true 30D successor. The specs? They're all there: new 10.1 megapixel, APS-C sized, self-cleaning CMOS sensor; 30% faster, 9 point AF; DIGIC III image processing; ISO 3200 max sensitivity; improved 3.0-inch LCD with Enhanced Live View; 6.5fps continuous shooting (bursting 75 Large/Fine JPEGs or 17 RAW images); 35-zone metering system; and CF card storage, natch. All in a body just slightly larger than the EOS 30D while tipping the scale with 1.4-ounces (40-grams) more beef. It also supports an "sRAW' mode which trims the number of pixels to one-fourth that of a standard RAW image (cutting file size in half) while retaining all of the flexibility of full-sized RAW images. A definite 30D upgrade for those of you who've been holding out. Sorry, no new pictures, the shot above was from that earlier leak. Now best get outta here and start shaking down the kids for the $1,299.99 required to take the body-only home.

Update: Amazon pulled the price and delivery date. No worries, original screengrab after the break.

Update 2: Oh my, now the whole page is gone! Tsk, tsk Amazon, jump the gun did we? We anticipated this: peep the gallery for a walk down memory lane.


[Via dpreview forums, thanks Manhog and Robby B.]