Can you be too thin or too powerful?

I have to give it to Doc Mac-- when he first posted that Apple would have to change their "You can't be too thin or too powerful" tagline for the new iMacs, I laughed and dismissed the idea. Sure, taken the wrong way (really far away the wrong way), "you can't be too thin" could be seen as a sad state of affairs on healthy self-image in the world today. But no one actually took it that way.

Did they? The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness (which sounds to me like a joke, but probably isn't) called Apple out on it, and now, as Macenstein reports, Apple's changed it. A story like this will (and should) give a serious test to the conspiracy theorist inside you-- and it should also give your BS meter a good workout. Apple changes taglines all the time, and there's no reason to suspect that the press release had anything to do with this change.

But then again, the picture hasn't changed at all. Did Apple actually decide that you can be too thin?