iPhone 1.0.2 update released

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.21.07

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iPhone 1.0.2 update released

Before you get your hopes up, there's allegedly no new functionality here -- "bug fixes" only. Then again, that was the verbiage last time, too, and there ended up being a few little goodies packed in there. Word to the wise: we're getting an error on our hacked unit right now, so let us know what y'all are getting.

Update: Yep, Jailbreak still works! Phew.

Update (code BAD): We take it back about our backup working properly. Despite the fact that we had a couple of error messages during the upgrade which seemed innocuous, this iPhone update wiped out our device and refused to restore our last back backup, instead creating a new backup based on a fresh restore. In other words: we just lost everything on our friggin device and the automatic backup is gone.

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