Ben Heck's NEStari is twice the fun

You just can't put this guy down. Just when you think he's had his full share of soldering injuries and heatsink frustration, Benjamin Heckendorn goes and builds the NEStari, a flavorful combination of NES and Atari 2600 in a convenient, portable package. The story is half the fun, but short of it is Ben had a NES-on-a-chip lying around and a spare Atari Flashback 2 chip, but only a single 3.5-inch LCD, so he decided to make a nice, fat portable that can load both NES and Atari cartridges. Sure, the DS lite kids may laugh, but you can always bludgeon them with this monstrosity, while playing gaming classics that far surpass the Pokemons of today. Well, at least Ben can. He's not going to be making any more of these, since the hack wasn't exactly easy to pull off. Hit up the read link for the step-by-step and even some video of the NEStari in action -- if you can get it to load.