Google's mobile phone in two weeks? Not likely

According to reports out of India, Google is currently in talks with country's first and third largest telecos, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar, concerning everyone's favorite mobile rumor: the Google Phone. Based on information coming from Rediff's India Abroad, an exclusive launch -- happening in a highly questionable two weeks -- is being discussed between the companies, and would tie into a simultaneous debut of the Gphone in both the US and Europe, coupled with announcements in India and other parts of the world. The only hurdle, they say, is approval from regulatory agencies (such as the FCC, we would assume). The report goes on to suggest that Google has plans to invest $7-8 billion in its telephony plot, though there has been practically zero confirmation from the company. When asked about the possibility of the Google mobile phone making an appearance soon, a spokesperson for the search-portal-giant said, "We don't comment on market rumour or speculation. However, Google is committed to providing users with access to the world's information, and mobile becomes more important to those efforts every day." So, while you can never, truly rule out a sudden showing of the Gphone, definitely don't go banking on it either.

[Thanks, Binil]