Razer intros 4000 DPI Lachesis gaming mouse

As if cramming its third-generation optical sensor in the Diamondback wasn't good enough, Razer is out to up the ante once more its newly-unveiled Lachesis. Compared to Microsoft's shiny new SideWinder, this creature touts double the DPI (that's 4,000 here, for those keeping score), and according to Razer, the 3G laser sensor "stops tracking at much lower lift-off levels than any other laser sensor, preventing tracking errors when the device is lifted off its tracking surface." Of course, you'll still be able to switch DPI on-the-fly sans special drivers, and the Ultraslick, Teflon-coated feet ought to glide around effortlessly for a good while. Razer's latest USB gaming mouse will go on sale globally this October for $79.99, and will be available in Phantom White and Banshee Blue colors.

[Via MaxitMag]