Keepin' it real fake, part LXXIV: the Game Boy Micro PMP clone

You can never have too many name-brand duping, cheap looking, Chinese sweatshop produced PMPs laying around, can you? I mean sure, we've seen little guys that boost the Game Boy Micro before, such as this number from way back in 2006, but this new entry does it with so much flair and unabashed disregard for copyright law we just had to mention it. The BMP-900 -- as this device is mechanically called -- does all kinds of exciting PMP activities, like playback of MP3, WMA, WAV, and PCM audio, MPEG4 and AVI video, JPEG, GIF and BMP picture viewing, plus e-book and TXT reading. Additionally -- and this may come as a surprise to some -- the red devil does some video game emulation, including Famicom, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color. Right now the player seems to only be available in China, or wholesale in lots of 100-199 pieces... so, go nuts.

[Via PMP Today]