S.T. Dupont's uber-pricey 2GB USB flash drive

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.24.07

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S.T. Dupont's uber-pricey 2GB USB flash drive

If that Pasha De Cartier USB drive is getting a bit stale these days, why not replace it with yet another grossly overpriced, albeit totally fashionable one from S.T. Dupont? This designer flash drive, dubbed the Lacquer and Palladium USB Key, sports that trademark diamond head pattern and a vividly colored cover. Apparently, these gems are available in turquoise blue, soft pink, palladium, and black, and while we personally feel that 2GB of data should never be worth the $480 asking price without some pretty confidential documents already loaded on, those with more money than sense can have at it. More colors after the break.

[Via Sybarites, thanks JW]

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