Sanyo' s LP-Z2000 3LCD projector: ugly, but a great personality

That boring piece of kit can be from none other than Sanyo. Too bad, 'cause this pig can hunt. The LP-Z2000 1080p projector loads what appears to be the same trio of Epson-made 0.74-inch LCDs as Mitsubishi's LVP-HC6000 which offers the same 10-bit color reproduction and hushed 19dB operational noise level. The Sanyo betters its peer however, with a reported 15,000:1 contrast ratio, 2x zoom, and blinding 1200 lumens off a 165W UHP lamp. They've even tossed in a couple of component connections on top of a pair of HDMI 1.3a terminals. All this for a tad more at ¥378,000 (about $3,255) if you're living in Japan where this baby hits on November 1st. Paper bag for that mug, extra.

[Via Impress]