Could a la carte mean fewer HDTV channels?


Recently minority groups have been complaining to the FCC 'cause they feel the a la carte initiative would hurt their programming. They're afraid that without the traditional subsidizing system that there would be less Spanish channels (for example). The same might be said for HDTV channels, and while it would be a short term problem, it might mean we have to wait for the rest of America to upgrade to HD. Technical complications aside, we think it would be nice to only buy the channels we want, but let's be honest, our motivation is money, we want to spend less of it. Most people don't care that there are tons of channels they don't watch, they just want to pay less. Obviously the MSOs are against us giving them less money, and thus against a la carte; but to their point, content providers force packages on them and they're just passing it on to us. We're not saying the MSOs need any charity, but fair is fair -- somehow we don't see the media giants coming along quietly.