HTC announces TyTN II / Kaiser for Europe

Well it's not quite as good as, say, AT&T informing us that we can walk down the block and pick up one this afternoon, but at least HTC has finally given the Kaiser / TyTN II / 8925 an official place in its lineup. Announcing the quad band Windows Mobile 6 handset for European carriers this morning, HTC revealed that Orange, Voda, T-Mobile, and o2 will all get their hands on this Hermes successor, and all the HSDPA, WiFi, and built-n GPS goodness that comes with it. We wish we had more info on plans for a US release, but with TyTN II hitting the EU in October, we suspect it's only a matter of weeks until we can toss the old 8525 into the retired gadgets drawer. [Warning: PDF link].