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Sony adds WWAN to select SZ6 / TZ20 VAIO laptops

Those scouting a sexy new VAIO may be lured a tad closer to the SZ6- and TZ20-series, as Sony has recently announced that select models in both lineups will boast integrated WWAN capability. Dubbed everywair, the specially equipped lappies will reportedly be able to cruise the HSDPA highway thanks to twin diversity antennas "concealed in the lid," which purportedly "boost signal quality in marginal areas." Additionally, the SIM card will be inserted "directly into the laptop itself," and the included VAIO Smart Network software should make managing your connections a lesson in simplicity. Oh, and for those wondering, current models should hum along at a maximum of 3.6Mbps, but a firmware upgrade will boost that figure to 7.2Mbps "when the service becomes available."

[Via JournaldGeek]