UniquePhones releases iPhone unlock video in attempt to prove hack

There's never any substitute for independent verification, but we can understand why the UniquePhones crew wanted to whip up a video depicting the SIM unlock of an iPhone using their still-unreleased solution. With almost a half million signed up to be notified of the hack's release, to say they're getting harshed on by the tech community for the MIA unlock software is kind of an understatement. Despite the five points we're giving their crew for the effort, this is the part where the conspiracy theorists in the house are sure to chime in about the impossibility of an honest to goodness iPhone SIM unlock video produced by a company that specializes in unlocking phones. Well, fret not, we're still waiting eagerly to put the spurs to the hack ourselves, and we'll let you know in short order as soon as (or if ever) we snag it. Oh, video after the break.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]