iPhoneSIMfree announces availability of iPhone unlock within 3 days

You've seen the hack, now see the FAQ. In it the iPhoneSIMfree free guys answer many of the questions we already got to (Is it restore-resistant? Yes. Which features don't work? Just Visual Voicemail. Does it work with 1.0.2? Yes. Etc.), and a few we've all been eagerly awaiting the answers to:

  • Can I unlock it before the AT&T registration process?

  • What is the process the end user will go through?
    Currently our initial release will require that the end user activate and "jail break" in order to place our app on the phone. (We are working toward a fully automated PC / Mac application to be released shortly after launch).

  • Do you offer 100% money back guarantee if the software does not work?
    The unlock WILL work. We cannot offer any guarantee should Apple, Inc. choose to re-lock the phone after a future update.

And the 64k question:

  • When can I get it?
    We are hoping to release in the next 48-72 hours.

We'll let you know when we hear more.

[Thanks, Ed]