Rumors unleashed: Wireless iTunes Store to debut Wednesday?

Wild rumoring is of course inevitable with an Apple event on the horizon, and MacDailyNews is doing its part with this latest wireless iTunes doozy. Apparently alongside the oft-rumored wireless iPods, Wednesday will also bring "wireless iTunes Store sales" to the iPhone and said iPods. MacDaily's source also claims that the iPods will indeed be Mac OS X-based, and that we should "Prepare to be stunned [with] iPod's new capabilities." Of course, a wireless iPod is perfectly plausible, and a wireless iTunes store seems like something Apple's going to have to break down and build sooner or later, but there's really no telling that the cited source has any inside line on such a thing, so we're going to remain firmly skeptical on this one until we get a few hard facts -- like a wireless iTunes Store, for instance.