Philips' new Power2Charge and Power2Go lines tout "Power4Life"

Philips hopes to put an end to the chaos of having a different charger for every device you own, but unfortunately the "solution" includes eight different confusing product options to get that juice to your gadgets. The new Power2Charge line consists of five different chargers, two for plugging into you car, and three plugging into the wall. The Power2Charge line flagship is the SCM7880, which includes the universal USB charging kit of its buddies, six connector tips, and fifteen extra hours of battery for up to 5V of power. If a portable battery is more your style, Philips' Power2Go line, headed by the pictured SCE7640, includes power packs across the board, all the way up to 21V and 60 hours. Both the Power2Charge and Power2Go lines include some snazzy looks and LED charge indicator lights, but it remains to be seen if these things can indeed rescue us from charger hell.