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D-Link, DivX link up on DSM-330 DivX Connected HD Media Player

First came the GejBox, then came Connected, and now the DSM-330 DivX Connected HD Media Player is checking in as the final version of DivX's first foray into the hardware realm. Hooking up with D-Link, DivX has announced its first piece of kit designed to "enable the seamless streaming of media from digital devices directly to the television set." Additionally, the DivX Connected platform -- which includes built-in support for the Stage6 DivX video service -- will indeed be open, thus allowing "consumers to access media content and services from the PC and internet through a range of consumer electronics devices." Reportedly, the device is slated to hit the UK, France, and Germany in Q4 of this year, but details surrounding a pricetag and availability for the rest of us remain undisclosed.