SanDisk announces tiny SSD, 8GB M2, and bigger Ultra IIs

Sandisk just kicked out a quartet of announcements for IFA. First up, an 8GB Memory Stick Micro (M2) card for use (primarily) in Sony Ericsson's cellphones expected sometime in Q4. Yeah, that's the world's highest capacity M2 card in case you're wondering. Also of significance is their new 2GB to 8GB uSSD 5000 Solid State Disks which measure just one-fourth the size of a 1.8-inch SSD. The new uSSD is meant for sub $250 PCs with SanDisk specifically calling out Intel's Classmate PC. We bet you'll find it bunged inside the Eee PC as well. Also announced are a $30 Multi Card ExpressCard adapter and new high-performance $80 4GB SDHC Plus and $160 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo cards from their Ultra II lineup.

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