iPhoneSIMfree begins fulfilling bulk orders, apparently will not unlock end users' phones

Are you ready for it? Looks like iPhoneSIMfree is. A number of tipsters have sent us emails that they've received announcing the availability of the elusive software unlock -- delivery on Tuesday, 4th of September. Good news right? Maybe, but here's the tell:

" is a wholesale only company. Although we could, we do not and will not sell directly to end users, because we want to work together with our valuable resellers as a team and not interfere in their business."

Hmpf, and cover their collective legal asses too. Once resellers have provided their purchase details and made payment, they will receive an application to install on their iPhones. They must then log into the iPhoneSIMfree "back office" via WiFi connection where the iPhone will be registered and unlocked. Pricing starts at $36 each for 50 licenses or $25 each for 5000+.

Why should it matter if you have to get your iPhone unlocked by a reseller? Well, first off that greatly increases the chances of your having to buy a fresh iPhone from a 3rd party; while we're sure some resellers will offer unlock service for the iPhone you currently own, that means you'll still have to send or take it in (instead of quickly unlocking from the comfort of your own home), and if a future update should break the iPhoneSIMfree unlock, at BEST you'll have to take it in again. (At worst you'll be stuck hounding the middleman -- not iPhoneSIMfree -- for a fix, and when that comes out you'll still have to take it back in. Ugh.) We're still awaiting word back from the iPhoneSIMfree team to verify that they won't be working with end users after all. Full email posted after the break.

[Thanks, The African Nerd, trash, Geoff, and everyone who sent this in]

From: Orders
Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2007 8:42 PM
To: [redacted]
Subject: iPhone unlocking - WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS

Thank you for contacting us. We are now ready to take orders. Iphonesimfree is the only pure software solution available for iphone unlocking. Easy to market, easy to use as indicated by several respected independent reviews such as:




The reseller or his/her customer must install on the iphone our software, available by mail or through direct download from our site. This is a standard .app file and once installed on the iphone it will show up as a springboard icon on the main screen.

The reseller must log into our back office and enter the required data specific to that iphone (his license credit will be substracted).

Once done, the reseller or the customer must run the .app, which will communicate via the iphone wifi to our server. If the iphone has been registered, the software will proceed to unlock the iphone.

It is that easy! In the unlikely case of any problem happening, we have a 24/7 hotline to assist our resellers.


The minimum number of licenses you can order is 50 pieces. Minimum quantity and pricing are not negotiable.

50 licenses: $36/each
100 licenses: $34/each
250 licenses: $32/each
500 licenses: $30/each
1000 licenses: $28/each
2500 licenses: $27/each
5000 licenses: $25/each


We CANNOT guarantee that this software will work after any future updates for the iphone. It does currently work on all firmware versions, up to and including, 1.02. We will naturally try to provide our resellers an updated version of our software for each firmware update, it is in our interest, but we do NOT guarantee that we will be able to do so.

WE ARE A TEAM: is a wholesale only company. Although we could, we do not and will not sell directly to end users, because we want to work together with our valuable resellers as a team and not interfere in their business.


We are now taking orders. The delivery date is Tuesday, 4th of September. If you want to purchase a bulk of licenses please reply to this email with:

- Number of licenses you want to purchase
- Company name and address (or Name if you are not a company)
- Name of the contact
- Telephone number (at least one)

You will shortly receive a proforma invoice with all the details on how to complete your order. Payment is by bank transfer only.


Best regards, sales team.