Samsung's Croix: yet another 'iPhone rival'

Honestly, we're getting a bit tired of all these so-called iPhone rival handsets, but Samsung's elusive Croix doesn't do a whole lot to shake the stereotype. The mobile, which happens to boast a very similar layout to Apple's darling (and Samsung's own F700), just won an iF Communication Design Award 2007, and while details are scant about the actual hardware, it sounds like Sammy is hoping to grab your attention with a sensationally sleek interface (seen in detail after the break). The name, which translates to "Cross" in French, supposedly symbolizes the phone's "progressive continuum, as opposed to discrete transmission from one item to another," and touts an "intuitive interface through on-screen touch input mapping which supports five different ways of interaction." Of course, only time will tell if this thing actually goes commercial (or proves real, to be honest), but it certainly has the look.

[Via I4U News]

Update: Indeed, "Croix" may actually be the branding Samsung has assigned to its SGH-700; they certainly look close enough, right down to the F700's trademark vertical stripes across its face. Then again, Croix may represent a different model or a touch-based platform for an entire range of models. We'll keep y'all updated when we know more.