The hundred gadget giveaway starts midnight tonight

This one goes out to all the folks who've been waiting ever so patiently to take home some gear in an Engadget giveaway. This week we're giving away over a hundred gadgets, games, swag bags, and the like -- including an HDTV, a DSLR, and more cellphones than you can shake a stick at. (The shot above is just some of what's no longer trapped in the closet.)

Here's how it's going to work. Since we can't give all this stuff away individually (100+ giveaways would equate to a new giveaway every two hours for more than seven days, which would drive everyone friggin nuts), we're going to have four giveaway rounds a day, once every six hours. Each round will have three prizes of varying radness and will be open for entries only for six hours. You can enter ONCE per round on as many rounds you like (until you win something, that is). Winners will be selected randomly.

Some notes:

  • No gadget is off the table. We really cleaned out all the gear we've had laying around, so don't be surprised if a media player or phone from like 2004 is dug up and given away.

  • Most -- but not all -- prizes will be open to anyone anywhere in the world. For the most part you really won't have to worry about entering if you're not in the US, although some prizes (like Sprint or Verizon phones) just won't work anywhere else.

  • Not all prizes are mint-unwrapped. We also do our best to keep everything in tip-top shape for giveaways, but you should also not be surprised if something is slightly dinged up or missing a manual or something.

  • Each round of the contest will only be open for six hours. Just in case we didn't already make that clear.

  • Commenting on this post won't win you anything. Only comments on the individual contest posts will be counted, although we do appreciate all the love you've been throwing our way here.

Check back midnight EDT tonight for our first round, with more giveaways to follow at 6a, 12p, 6p (all Eastern time) until we run out of stuff. Good luck!