UK comes together on mobile micropayments

Carriers in the UK have started to roll out PayForIt, an industry-standard solution for micropayments -- charges totaling less than £10 (about $20.16) in this case -- to their subscribers. Though there are already plenty of ways to pay for odds and ends likes games and ringtones through cellphones, that in itself is a problem; with payment services like premium-rate text messages, customers are left with a confusing experience that leave them wary of the whole process and less likely to use it again. PayForIt, on the other hand, leaves buyers with a standard receipt page regardless of what they're purchasing along with some semblance of assurance that the system is secure. Purchases show up on the next month's phone bill, at which point purchasing 650 ringtones may seem like a distinctly poorer plan (not to say we've ever done that or anything). No word on when we might see the service outside the British Isles; companies involved over there seem to be pretty amped, though, so if everything pans out, we imagine a broader launch will be in the cards.