Build your own underwater ROV for $250

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.04.07

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Build your own underwater ROV for $250

Granted, this here project isn't nearly as inexpensive as the $100 underwater ROV from years back, but at least this one is propelled by something a bit more advanced than a pull string. Regardless, the ROV-in-a-Box Project Kit -- created by folks from Carl Hayden High School for use in the National Underwater Robotics Challenge -- is a $249.95 package that "includes all the parts needed to build a working underwater robot: a frame, motors, underwater light, camera, 50-foot tether, operator control box, and a dry-cell battery." Of course, you'll still be required to provide your own tools and TV monitor, but to take a closer look at exactly what a nickel under $250 will buy you, click on through for a detailed video (but do tap Mute beforehand, okay?).

[Via GoRobotics]

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