Dell intros 17-inch Precision M6300 laptop

If you've been waiting patiently on Dell's monster of a laptop, the 17-inch, Santa Rosa-based behemoth known as the Precision M6300, feel free to get really excited. Very soon, all of you business boys and girls will be able to get your hands on the company's new enterprise-centric laptop (a follow up to the M90), that rocks a Core 2 Duo X7900 CPU (2.8GHz with an 800MHz FSB), Nvidia's Quadro FX 1600M graphics chipset, up to 4GB of RAM, and a 120GB or 200GB hard drive. Dell also plans to make a SanDisk 32GB SSD available for the road-ready laptop, and is offering a DVD, DVD-RW, or Blu-ray writable optical drive. Of course, the M6300 has all the regular bells and whistles, like 802.11a/g/n, Bluetooth 2.0, DVI, Firewire, plus a not-so-usual optional AT&T HSDPA card. You can also choose between XP, Vista, or RedHat Linux for the OS. No word on price of availability, though it appears these will be landing sometime this month.

[Via DailyTech]