Intel rolls out quad-core Tigerton processors

Intel previewed its quad-core Tigerton processor way back in October of last year, but the company has just now let all that server-specific power loose on the general populace, with a couple of slightly scaled back versions also thrown in for good measure. Likely to attract the most interest, however, is the top-end X7350 processor, which clocks in at 2.93GHz with 8MB of shared on-chip cache and a thermal design power rating (otherwise known as TDP) of 130 watts.Rounding out the quad-core line-up are the 2.4GHz E7340, the 2.13GHz E7320, and the 1.6GHz E7310, each of which boast a TDP of 80 watts, as well as the 1.86GHz L7345, which drops the TDP back to 50 watts. If that's all a bit too much for you, Intel's also rolled out two dual-core Tigertons, including 2.93GHz E7220 and the 2.4GHz E7210, each of which have a TDP of 80 watts and 8MB of shared on-chip cache. Look for these to set you (or your company) back anywhere from $856 to $2,301 per chip, in 1,000-unit quantities, that is.