Apple Hi-Fi, RIP: 2006 - 2007

Who can forget the Apple Hi-Fi's, shall we say, inauspicious introduction? A product Steve, an audiophile himself, proclaimed Apple developed so he could throw out his system, was introduced along side the infamous $100 leather iPod case to deafening silence amidst a room full of hopeful tech journalists summoned to Cupertino in the fair spring of 2006. Although Apple never released sales details on the product, for the next year and a half it was nary heard about again -- until yesterday when it silently fell off of Apple's online store. A flood of emails came in from curious readers asking whether it died, or was merely temporarily pulled from the site for unknown reasons. Well, here's your answer; you may want to usher the young'ns from the room. We finally got word back from Apple HQ, who confirmed the Hi-Fi's death:

"Apple has decided to focus priorities on the iPod and iPhone and will not be making more iPod Hi-Fi units. There are over 4,000 accessories in the iPod ecosystem and hundreds of speakers systems designed specifically for the iPod, which provide customers with a wide variety of options."

Goodbye Hi-Fi -- for some you'll be missed. Just not so much here.

P.S. -Although they're officially not being made anymore, it's likely you can still pick one up on store shelves if you act quickly. Might be a good way to reinvest that $100 store credit Steve is giving you.