Does Apple's iPod touch have Bluetooth?

Yeah, you've seen it before, that's the iPod touch. But take a closer look at the upper-right corner of the display. See that little icon? Right, Bluetooth, as in the not announced Bluetooth radio in Apple's new iPod touch. Is this just a snafu from Apple's arts-and-charts team or something more say, AVRCP and stereo A2DP related? At this point, Apple's not saying and we don't know. But you'd better hurry up and click that Read link because that Apple-harvested picture won't be around for much longer.

Update: It's still there, and spreading! Now discovered on Apple's US store and UK site.

Update 2: Ah, sorry to bum y'all out, we just heard that Apple didn't actually include Bluetooth in the touch, meaning the screen shown above isn't entirely accurate. We'll let you know if we hear more.

Update 3: Two more bits: we heard from a pretty decent source that the touch internals are very similar to the iPhone internals, and that there is a Bluetooth chip in there -- it's just not activated. We'll all find out as soon as someone dismantles one of these little buggers, but whether or not that's actually the case, we took a peek at the touch's FCC filing, which went live yesterday. It only contains tests for WiFi, meaning if there IS Bluetooth in there, at very least they're going to have to get it cleared again by the FCC before flipping the switch.

[Via fscklog, thanks Tom, Mike, and Antihero]

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