ESA wants Schwarzenegger to pay for legal fees

California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger made good on his promise today to file an appeal over a judge's ruling that a recently-proposed violent video games law was unconstitutional. In apparent retaliation, the Entertainment Software Association has filed a motion for California to recoup $324,840 in legal fees for its previous, successful challenge against the law.

In a statement, the ESA said that if the motion is granted, the industry will have been awarded a total of $1.9 million in fee and expenses for "defending its First Amendment rights" in this case and eight others. The trade association has a pretty good batting average so far, but does it have the firepower to defeat a T-101exo skeleton?

[Update: Although we like the thought of a robotic insectoid turtle monster, we have to provide canonical accuracy. The T-101 skeleton was on the inside of the body. Fixed.]