InterDigital complaint prompts ITC to investigate Nokia

Remember how Samsung had to shell out a boatload of cash for infringing on InterDigital's IP related to WCDMA technology? Looks like Nokia may have to do the same. Nokia has an agreement in place over the use of InterDigital's 2G tech, but apparently not its 3G, and that's got InterDigital worked up over a pair of patents it holds. They've made enough of a stink about it to get the US International Trade Commission's attention -- you know, the folks that banned Qualcomm's chips on similar grounds -- and it's looking to get to the bottom of the sitch within the next 45 days. Nokia sounds ready to fight, saying that it'll "vigorously defend itself" against InterDigital's claims, which we figure means it has no intention of whipping out the checkbook the same way Samsung did to the tune of $134 million. We'll keep ya updated as this one develops.

[Via mocoNews]